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(subject to seasonal change)
Fitness/Pool and Locker Hours: 5AM – 7PM
Spa Services: 8AM – 7PM
Salon Services: 9AM – 7PM

If you must cancel, reschedule or change your spa reservations, please notify at least four hours prior to your scheduled appointment time to avoid any cancellation, change or rescheduling fees. For package cancellations we require 24-hour notice. All “no-shows” will be charged the full price of the service.

Minimum age is 18 for the fitness center, wet areas and spa services. Please ask about available options for those 17 and under.

Specialty Massage


Shirodhara Scalp Experience

45 minutes – $130
A powerful therapeutic experience – based on Ayurvedic healing therapy in use for thousands of years. Shirodhara changes the balance of your life by awakening the senses, invigorating the soul and giving back a sense of total well being. Your therapist directs a warm stream of oil onto the third eye then massages it into the hair and scalp to nourish and condition while imparting deep relaxation.

Energy Balance

50 minutes – $145
The ancient art of energy balancing helps to heal and harmonize the body. Experience the wonderful glowing radiance as Ki, the life energy force, flows through you to treat the body, mind and spirit leaving you with relaxed feelings of peace and a restored sense of well being. Namaste.

Bamboo Fusion

80 minutes – $215
Bamboo Fusion™ Therapy is a luxurious full-body massage treatment utilizing hand crafted, warm bamboo shoots and rattan tools of different sizes. Tension & tightness melt away under the warm bamboo. Let your body and mind escape with this unique method as you experience an expanded level of relaxation.

Shirodhara Hot Stone

105 minutes – $295
Journey to Serenity – Soothing warm stone massage combined with aroma oil sets the tone for altered states of tranquility. Warm oil is streamed on the third eye, causing the mind to become peaceful and then is massaged into your scalp.



Red Rock Signature Massage

50 minutes – $140
80 minutes – $195

Relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation with our signature full-body massage. Our therapists will adapt their diverse techniques to create a personalized experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

50 minutes – $165
80 minutes – $210
Place yourself in our expert therapists’ hands for an intense massage experience focused on specifi c areas to relieve deep muscle soreness and tension. This is the ultimate therapeutic massage.


50 minutes – $165
80 minutes – $215
Embark on a soothing journey to harmonize body, mind and spirit. Traditional massage techniques and carefully applied spinal pressures enhance circulation and stimulate the body’s natural detoxification process while the aromas act on the deepest parts of the brain to effect mood and emotions.


50 minutes – $140
For expectant mothers, massage is a wonderful experience for your delicate condition. Pre-natal massage promotes circulation and alleviates joint, neck and back discomfort. Available only during your second and third trimesters.


50 minutes – $165
This 2,500 year-old healing tradition, performed on a table, is similar to that of assisted yoga. Thai massage adjusts and realigns the body through a series of deep compressions, elongating stretches, and conscious breathing. We recommend you bring to wear a T-Shirt and long yoga style pants for movement.


80 minutes – $225
Ashiatsu or “foot pressure” is an ancient art form of bodywork first practiced by Buddhist monks. An intense massage performed by our therapist who will expertly manipulate muscles using their feet while supporting themselves with bars suspended from the ceiling. With the potential use of full body weight for pressure this technique is perfect for the athlete, or one whom is experienced in receiving deep work.

Hot Stone Massage

50 minutes – $165
80 minutes – $210
This light pressure therapy combines traditional Swedish massage with the use of warmed polished basalt stones strategically placed on the body to promote circulation, boost the immune system, and soften the skin.

Massage Enhancements

Refreshing Scalp Treatment $20
Muscle Soother $20
Gentle Body Exfoliation $20
Feet Treat $20
Aromatherapy $20



Red Rock Signature Facial

50 minutes – $140
80 minutes – $210
Based upon an analysis of your skin, our experts will customize a facial to restore your skin to its optimum level. Included in this signature facial is a deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, & extractions. An anti-stress facial massage & personalized mask fi nish off this luxurious experience. *Included is a complimentary facial enhancement of your choice of lip or eye treatment using NuFACE Trinity ELE. Treatment targets smile lines or hard to reach areas such as eyebrow furrows, crow’s feet.

The Mommy To Be

50 minutes – $140
A special facial ideal for the expectant mother. Our organic product is free from parabens, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, lanolin, & glycol. This facial focuses on reducing inflammation and boosting the immune function which leaves the skin soothed, refreshed, and glowing.


50 minutes – $160
80 minutes – $210
The rapid exfoliating properties of our state-of-the-art Microdermabrasion process can reveal younger looking skin while stimulating the growth of new
skin cells. This treatment also includes a cleansing of the skin and an anti-oxidant mask. For best results one should book a treatment series. (Excludes extractions)

Oxygen Infused Facial

50 minutes – $165
Reduce the effects of aging by nourishing the skin with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and the pure oxygen molecule, all of which are propelled
deep into the skin. This revolutionary skin care treatment system leaves the skin healthy, rejuvenated and beautiful. For best results one should book a treatment series.
Please ask about our Acneic Option.

The Gents

50 minutes – $140
This exclusive treatment for men is designed to deep clean, help alleviate shaving bumps, and irritation, as well as relax and release any unnecessary stress. (Shaving is NOT recommended within 4 hours prior to service)

Lift and Firm

80 minutes – $210
Relax with instant results! This treatment combines advanced anti-aging technology to produce immediate results without the downtime. NuFACE micro current technology lifts fi rms and contours your jaw line, cheeks, and eye areas. The treatment also includes a RED photo light therapy to soften and plump the skin so
you can look fresh, bright and well-rested.

Top of the Rock

80 minutes – $245
Reveal younger looking skin while increasing the rate of cellular turnover with the rapid exfoliating properties of our state-ofthe-art Microdermabrasion process. This facial is highly recommended for clients wishing to soften fi ne lines and wrinkles, or to even out skin color and texture. We finish with an application of pure oxygen infused with vitamins and minerals. For best results one should book a treatment series.

Facial Enhancements

Glycolic $35
Collagen Facial Mask $35
Vitamin C $20
NuFACE Eye Treatment $35
NuFACE Lip Treatment $20
LED Red Photo Light Therapy
(available on on 80 min)
Glycolic Facial Treatment $40
Clarisonic Pedi Treatment $20

Waxing Options

Performed as a facial add-on with treatments of 50 minutes or more.
Brow Design $35
Chin $25
Lip $20
Double Wax $50
Full Face $60

Body Treatments

Nourishing Scrub & Massage

50 minutes – $165
80 minutes – $200

110 minutes – $285
This treatment combines our two most popular spa experiences. First, the skin is exfoliated with a rejuvenating scrub and follows with a therapeutic massage, leaving the body fully pampered. For the ultimate in relaxation, select the 110-minute service as this treatment includes a full-body massage! Customize your experience from a selection of:
• Hydrating Sugar Glow – A gentle, pampering exfoliating experience.
• Energizing – Enliven your body with a vigorous full-body salt exfoliation. (Not recommended after sun exposure or sensitive skin)

Conditioning Body Wrap

50 minutes – $165
80 minutes – $200

110 minutes – $285
Drift away as your body is exfoliated and enveloped in one of our customized body treatments. Choose from:
• Detox - This treatment will leave your body re-energized and ready to be shown off to the world.
• Anti-Cellulite - Your skin will feel smoother and fi rmer after this intense, therapeutic wrap. (Regular treatments can diminish the appearance of cellulite and other skin irregularities.)
• Aromatherapy Infusion - An aromatic escape leads to deep relaxation in this luxurious experience.

Hydra Quench Cocoon

80 minutes – $210
Following a complete body exfoliation of the skin, this treatment leaves your body detoxified, remineralized and fully oxygenated with the soothing heat of a special treatment blanket. Awake from relaxation to a refreshing shower and an application of an anti-aging body cream, which leave the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Moroccan Ritual

80 minutes – $210
Treat your skin to the ultimate experience in relaxation and rehydration. Hot stones are used to melt the Intense Hydrating Serum into your skin and the Body Buff is then applied to exfoliate dead skin cells and assist the Hydrating Serum infuses into the skin. Once the body has been revitalized, an amazing scalp treatment takes the journey to another level with the application of an intense Hydrating Scalp Oil that is massaged into your scalp providing deep relaxation. To complete this head-to-toe ritual, a Hydrating Mask is applied to the ends of your hair.

Red Rock Spa Package Options


Couples Delight

2 ½ hours – $260 per person
50 minute Couples Red Rock Signature Massage
80 minute Top of the Rock Pedicure

The Taste of Red Rock

2 ½ hours – $270
Choice between 50 minute Red Rock Signature
Massage or Facial
25 Minute Spa Manicure
50 Minute Spa Pedicure

Gents Package

2 ½ hours – $362
50 minute Deep Tissue Massage
50 minute Gents Facial
25 minute Spa Manicure

The Red Rock Way

3 ½ hours – $422
50 minute Red Rock Signature Massage
50 minute Red Rock Signature Facial
25 minute Spa Manicure
50 minute Spa Pedicure