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Let us show you a side of Las Vegas you never knew existed...

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Here at Red Rock the excitement isn’t just gourmet meals, world class entertainment and a cutting edge nightclub. With a beautiful high desert wonderland less than 10 minutes outside our door we offer an array of outdoor activities unmatched in Las Vegas... There’s rock climbing in the 5th most popular rock climbing destination in the country, remote mountain bike routes that traverse a spider web of wild horse trails perfect for both novice and advanced riders alike, as well as a variety of road bike and running routes that leave from our front door. Why limit yourself to the Las Vegas everyone else offers? Let us take your vacation to new heights. Experience the other side of Las Vegas through our Red Rock Adventures.

Morning Horseback Ride

Positioned at the base of the majestic Wilson Cliffs you’ll find a small western camp. As you depart on your horse you have an unusual perspective of Red Rock Canyon. Looking down from your horse you see the plant life from a different angle, and the wildlife is less likely to scurry off. If you’re looking for something special try the morning trail ride. The peace and quite is palpable and with the rising sun setting fire to the sandstone cliffs the views are breathtaking. What better way to start your day? YEAR-ROUND.

Afternoon Horseback Ride

In the afternoon the shadows start to lengthen across the canyon floor, and the views you saw on your hike in the morning have completely changed. In the winter months you are thankful for the warm desert sun as are the critters that are finally warm enough to leave their homes to forage. Is that a wild horse or burro in the distance? Only time will tell. One thing is certain… at the end of the ride there’s a cowboy dinner and maybe even a crackling fire waiting for you back at camp. YEAR-ROUND.

River Raft Adventure

Today a raft ported in below the dam can leisurely float down Black Canyon where the water is a constant 51 degrees, the cliffs rise as high as 2,000 feet above the river’s surface and desert big horn sheep, coyotes and bald eagles may be just around the bend. This is not white water rafting. The large motorized rafts take a leisurely pace down the river while your guide brings the natural and cultural history of this portion of the Colorado River to life. You’ll also be treated to a picnic lunch in a souvenir insulated bag. Full Day. SEASONAL.

Bike & Kayak

Combine some mountain biking and kayaking for the perfect day! Spend the morning riding a full suspension mountain bike through the famous single-track of Bootleg Canyon. Beginners or those looking for a more leisurley bike ride can opt for the scenic version of River Mountain Trail. Either way, you are afforded great riding, fantastic views, and the opportunity to see bighorn sheep, desert tortoises, and other wildfire. All while viewing the beauty of Lake Mead. Full Day. SEASONAL.

Kayaking Black-Canyon

This guided kayak adventure starts at the base of the Hoover Dam and continues down river with ample time to soak in the natural Hot Springs along the way. Enjoy the beauty of Black Canyon while riding the Colorado River currents until you reach Willow Beach. Transportation to and from, safety equipment, safety briefing, water, snacks and lunch included. Full Day. YEAR-ROUND.

Half-Day Kayaking

Step right into the pages of history, with a walking tour of the Techatticup mine. We will venture deep into this rumored haunted gold mine and visit 3 different shafts, one of which drops down to over 900 feet. Learn how the hardiest of men labored feverishly looking for GOLD ! Chiseling their way through the mountainside inch by inch, with the most primitive of tools and working by candlelight. After your Mine Tour, a short drive takes us to the Colorado River where the Steamboats of yesteryear were loaded with ore and precious minerals from the Eldorado Mines. The views on the river can’t be described, as you leisurely paddle your way around this historic area. Includes: Kayak Tour Gold Mine Tour Picnic Lunch on banks of River. YEAR-ROUND.

Hike & Kayak

Hike down Boy Scout Canyon past ancient Native American rock art to a natural hot spring. After a good soak in the hot spring you’ll continue the hike down to the Colorado River where you’ll have a picnic style lunch on the beach. Once you’ve eaten you’ll Paddle 8 miles down river through the winding canyons passing the area’s wildlife, in your choice of single or tandem kayaks, to Willow Beach where you’ll be transported back to the hotel. Safety equipment, safety briefing, water, snacks and lunch included. Full Day. SEASONAL.


The colorful high desert landscape and scattered mountainous terrain of the Red Rock Canyon State Park are ideal for hikers of all levels. Guided-hikes of this 400 million-year old majestic and geological wonder are available every day with hiking enthusiasts that guide you through trails encompassed by this marvel of nature that will surely exceed your expectations. All-day guided hikes that lead to relaxing hot springs on the Arizona side of the Hoover Dam are also available during specific seasons. Red Rock Canyon – Year Around / Arizona Hot Springs – Seasonal

Guided Bike Tour

Red Rock Canyon and lake mead Mountain/Road Guided Bike Tour For those who prefer to get off their feet and onto their seat this area is perfect for all levels and types of biking. Whether you want to road-bike the 13 mile one-way loop at Red Rock Canyon or take to one of the many sanctioned mountain-bike trails, Red Rock Canyon has some of the finest biking in the world. There are guided bike adventures as well as bike rentals. YEAR-ROUND.

Guided Rock Climbing

Red Rock Canyon is the 5th most popular climbing destination in the country, so it is no exaggeration to say rock climbers from all over the world come to Red Rock Canyon for everything from bouldering to multi-pitch climbs. Whether you’re a sport climber, a ‘trad’ climber or just a novice who wants to try their hand at this thrilling sport, there’s no better time for a guided rock climb than right now. YEAR-ROUND.

Indoor Climbing Gym

You’ve seen them in movies and on television. You may have even stopped to watch a rock climber while you were out hiking. It looks like fun, but… Well, now’s the time to treat yourself to a great outdoor activity from the comfort of an indoor environment. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced climber the indoor climbing gym has everything you need for a great adventure. Oh, and by the way… it is fun! YEAR-ROUND.