Massimo Pisati

Executive Chef- Terra Rossa at Red Rock

Massimo Pisati was born in Milan, Italy in 1964 and developed a passion for food at a young age while cooking with his grandmother on visits to her countryside home. He was captivated by the aromas and flavors of her kitchen and spent every free moment visiting and learning from her. While his mother wanted him to be an accountant, his appetite to become a chef and travel the world was inevitable and he proudly went on to culinary school at Istituto Alberghiero Professionale “Carlo Porta.”

Throughout his career, Pisati has worked at several exclusive restaurants and hotels across the world, including Europe, Asia and the United States. After nearly a decade of cooking in kitchens and perfecting the cuisine of his native Italy, Pisati embraced the opportunity to work in Tokyo, Japan in 1989 as chef de cuisine at La Ranarita Ristorante. He treasured his time spent in Tokyo, which was a life changing experience, where he enjoyed exploring the city and spending time at the fresh fish markets. Later that year, he made another dynamic decision to visit the United States and landed a job in New York City as executive chef at Paper Moon Ristorante, showcasing cuisine from his native roots in Milan.

In 1992, Pisati joined BICE Restaurant Group in Palm Beach, Florida, where he worked as executive chef and later in 1996 as an executive chef at Il Tartufo Ristorante in Ft. Lauderdale. In 1999, Pisati set his sights on overseeing kitchen operations and a large staff at the award-winning Grand Hotel Minneapolis, catering to a high clientele and celebrities, before returning to BICE Restaurant Group in 2001 for the opportunity to work in Istanbul, Turkey as an executive corporate chef. During his time in Istanbul, Pisati was faced with the challenges of creating dishes and recipes specific to the region, as many regulations and restrictions were enforced in the kitchen. It was a rewarding time and Pisati thrived on adjusting recipes and exploring flavor profiles.

Pisati‘s culinary philosophy and passion reflect his roots and traditional upbringing, allowing the natural flavors of the food to always have an expression of their own. Among his many accomplishments he was awarded a “5 Star Diamond Award” and received a “3 Golden Spoon Award” by Florida Trend Magazine.

Since joining Station Casinos in early 2012, Pisati takes great pleasure in connecting with his guests at Terra Rossa, learning what dishes they love and those that keep them coming back for more. He considers himself a personal chef to each and every guest and takes pride in remembering the small details. When he is in not in the kitchen, Pisati enjoys spending time with his wife Patricia, friends, as well as his Boston terrier dog. He also enjoys cooking with his co-workers, who he calls family, as they love learning from each other. He believes whole-heartedly in staying active, continuously learning and always having fun.